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Nail Glitz Love Glamour Anchor Me Down

Nail Glitz Love Glamour Anchor Me Down

Pretty and feminine toe nails are always in trend, especially if you spice it up with some added bling.

Preparation :< /b>

  • Clean toe nails and shorten slightly using nail clipper or a nail file (only necessary if natural toe nail is longer than Nail Glitz ) .
  • Gently buff natural toe nail using a white block to remove the shine.

Application :

  • Select a nail glitz size that closely matches your toenail.
  • Apply a thin layer of professional nail glue to the underside of the nail Glitz.
  • Press gently on the toe nail for 30 seconds, Allowing the glue to dry. Reapeat the above steps for each toe nail one at a time.

Removal :

  • Soak acetone in cotton wool and place over the nail Glitz making sure that it covers the entire nail area.
  • Wrap a piece of foil around the toe nail toe secure the cotton Wool in place. Leave in for 5 to 10minutes.
  • Remove foil and use a paper towel and /or an orange stick to wipe off Residue. Buff nail to remove excess. Do not artificial nail off.
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