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Nail Glitz Gold Carat

Nail Glitz Gold Carat

Nail Glitz Gold Carat Gold Sparkle and sequins ,these nails are guaranteed to make you feel on top of the world.

2 Easy steps- 3D Nails in minutes

Can be applied over polished or natural nails.

Application :

  • Select a 3D nail that is closest to the size of your natural nail.
  • Place a few drops of glue on to the false nail and place it on to the natural nail.Hold it down for 10 seconds.


Gently buff the nail before applying 3D nails to strengthen adhesion. Use professional nail glue for longer wear.

Removal :

  • Soak the nail in Acetone until the artificial nails dissolve.
  • Do not peel or break off the nail.
  • Remove the nails every 7-10 days to maintain healthy natural nails

Maintaning And Re-Using Nazila Nail Glitz:

Store 3 d nails in the original Nail. Glitz packing.

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