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Fashion Idol Express Syn Cuba Bounce Curl

Fashion Idol Express Syn Cuba Bounce Curl
Fashion Idol Express Syn Cuba Bounce Curl With mega volume ,mega bounce

Benefits :

SUPER SOFT TEXTURE Satin soft fibres that are comfortable against the skin and causes less irritation to the scalp.

SUPER LIGHT Provides a voluminous style without being too heavy on the head.

EASY BRAID Kind to fingers. Braid with ease.

EASY BRUSH Brushes through like a breeze without tangling or frizz.

EASY LOCK ENDS Braids stay put without unravelling before hot water sealing.

NATURAL LOOK Hair has a healthy appearance with a natural looking sheen.

FLAME RETARDANT Auto seal coating ensures the hair cannot be engulfed by flames.

HOT WATER SEAL Dip in hot water with rollers for a style transformation.

REDUCED TANGLING Made using premium quality synthetic fibres that are less likely to tangle and lock.

HANDMADE Made and braided by hand, giving you salon styled hair in no time .

PROTECTIVE STYLE Braiding your hair away protects it from every-day damage & helps it to grow longer!

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