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Illumina Color Me Plus Cool

Illumina Color Me Plus Cool

With the Wella Illumina Color, the hair feels silky, healthy and untreated. The colors of the Wella Illumina Color are natural and full, they get unprecedented light reflection through copper blocking. The Microlight Technology of the Wella Illumina Color encloses and blocks the copper molecules so that they cannot impair the color development and the hair surface remains protected. The hair surface is smooth and pure thanks to the Wella Illumina Color, for an absolutely outstanding light reflection. The Wella Illumina Color has up to 70% gray hair coverage.

Mixing ratio:

You mix the Wella Illumina Color 1: 1 with Wella Welloxon. When using the Wella Welloxon 6% you achieve a brightening by 1 tone level, or the same or darker tone depth and gray hair coverage. When Wella Illumina Color and Wella Welloxon 9% are mixed, they are brightened by 2 levels, when mixed with Welloxon 12% they are brightened by 3 levels.


You can achieve more depth of color with Wella Illumina Color in combination with Color Touch Intensive Emulsion 4% in a 1: 1 mixing ratio.

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