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Wrap Strip US04 White

Wrap Strip US04 White
These strips are made of a soft, high-stretch creped tissue paper that comes from a proprietary dye blend.


  • 44 strips neck paper in total, disposable, self-adhesive, hygienic, keep the haircut shawl dry and clean.
  • Red By Kiss Wrap Strip US04 white is mainly used to hair dyeing and haircut to prevent dirt and hair from falling into the neck.
  • Made of durable materials, safe, non-toxic and harmless.
  • It is very simple and convenient to use, soft and comfortable.
  • Suitable for all sizes of neck, both male and female.
  • It is Ultra Strong 2X Longer Stretch Wrap Strips.
  • Lab-Test Proven Strongest Quality Wet Or Dry & 2X Longer Stretchy.
  • 10% More Strips Per Pack.
  • Red By Kiss US04 White Wrap Strips great For Molded Hair Styles & Perfectly Laid Edges.
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