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Wonder Lace Bond Lace Extreme Firm Hold Wig Adhesive Active

Wonder Lace Bond Lace Extreme Firm Hold Wig Adhesive Active
Wonder lace bond clear type is the glue for gluing down lace. The built-in brush makes the wig installation is convenient and easier as all you need to do is brush the glue onto the desired area for smooth even layer. It not only dries clear, but you can be sure that your wigs stay on.


Extreme holding finish look that last not only all day but all week so you can go about your day without worrying about your wigs being in place lifting. This is the lace wig adhesive you want for extended wear and tight hold of your wig.


Moisturizing, non-flacking gel that is formulated for braids, twist and locs to keep the style in place and flattening down flyaway.

How to Use:

  • Remove all residues and dirt around hairline.
  • Apply a thin layer of Wonder Lace Bond around hairline.
  • For additional strength, add 1 to 4 layers of the Wonder Lace bond.
  • Wait until Wonder Lace bond becomes tacky.
  • Apply lace wig on hairline and hold firmly for 10 seconds.
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