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EBIN New York 2 In 1 Lash Glue And Eyeliner

EBIN New York 2 In 1 Lash Glue And Eyeliner
Grip Bond 2-in1 Lash Glue & Eyeliner: Want a faster makeup routine? Our Grip Bond 2-in-1 Lash Glue & Eyeliner is the thing for you. Secure your lashes while also creating that perfect wing with just one product. Not to mention it comes with a free pair of lashes...more like 3-in-1!.

LASH ADHESIVE - Grip Strong, grip safe with the ultimate 2 in 1 lash glue eyeliner that dries quickly as well as easier and faster lash application process. This glue applies black and dried dark that bring out the boldness and allows you to create the glamorous and dramatic look.

BROWN - Dries brown to blend well with the natural lash to give your eye a bold and sultry look by creating eyeliner effect.

LONG LASTING - No more worries about lash lifting. With our grip bond your lash will be securely intact and stay where you placed them to keep your eye makeup perfect all day long.

EYELINER - Super easy and convenient application. Applies like an eyeliner for more control spot on application and easy touch up. Applying lash has never been so easy.

CRUELTY FREE - Cruelty free and vegan friendly. Keep your lash looking fabulous with formaldehyde and latex free as well hypoallergenic glue. Only the best and conscious ingredients and even great for sensitive eyes.

How To Use :

  • Measure up the lashes to the eyes. Resize the lashes if necessary.
  • Apply 2-in-1 Lash Glue + Eyeliner along the lash line, just like using an eyeliner.
  • Place lash band on the lash line and adjust to fit your eye shape.
To Remove Use with EBIN NEW YORK CATTITUDE 3D Eyelashes, Gently shake 2-3 times before usage, Use on dry, non-oily lids.

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